Dog Boarding In Our Own Home - Company Message
What We Offer Your Dog
At  WaggyTail Home Dog Boarding we literally give your dog a genuine 'Home from Home'.  Your dog will live with us IN OUR OWN HOME and become part of our family for the duration of his or her stay.
We live in a spacious detached house with secured outside areas.We have a secure garden area for guest dogs.Plus, of course, walkies down the local lanes and forest areas.
We will ask you for a full list of your dog's likes and dislikes and his or her home habits - where they like to sleep, regular feeding times, interaction with other dogs. You will provide your dog's regular food as experience tells us they find it comforting. We have a variety of dog beds - but if you want to bring your dogs favourite bed or blanket that's fine.   
Your dog must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough. Certificates must be produced.  This is non negotiable.
Your dog must be neutered and also be fully house trained.
Please note we do not take aggressive or problem dogs - your dog must be friendly and socialised with other dogs. 
We are fully insured and have access to 24hr veterinary care should the need arise. 
We take a maximum of four dogs at any one time, including our own dog, so we can ensure that all our house guests get all the love, attention, cuddles, playtime, and exercise that they deserve.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not a franchise.  Your dog will live with us in our own home.
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